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tampa_lawn_salon_logo_White.pngTampa Lawn Salon, Inc. is recognized as an area leader in landscape management. From grounds maintenance, and water management to seasonal color and fertilization, we can handle every aspect of landscape management, drawing upon our deep experience to serve a wide range of customers, from apartments, corporate campuses, and homeowner’s associations to hotels, retail centers, and private residences. Our goal is to ensure that the value of your landscape investment appreciates through proper care and sustainable enhancements.

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Initial Inspection

Our sod installation service will enhace the beauty of your landscape by providing the highest quality turf and expert industry knowledge to help you choose the correct turf for your property.  Our installation process starts off with an insepction by one of our technitions to identify cause of existing turf damage (i.e. insect damage, weed infestation, fungus damage, drought, etc...), measure areas to be installed, inspect irrigation system, and make recommendations on the type of turf to be installed.

Installation Process

Our proven process for sod installation is is one of the best in the industry, which utilizes years of turf knowledge and a broad range of landscape industry skills to ensure the highest quality turf after completion.  

mainHomeLogo-2.png  Our turf installation process includes:

  • Treat areas to be resodded based on finding from inspection (i.e. insect/fungus/weed treatment, irrigation repairs, etc...)
  • Flag all irrigation heads in area of sod installation to prevent damage
  • Remove turf with sod cutter to ensure roots are removed
  • Rake out entire area down to bare soil
  • Install sod
  • Re-test irrigation system
  • Adjust irrigation timer for correct watering time and duration of new sod based on season
  • Schedule first fertilization treatment and maintenance visit after sod has taken root

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Gretchen C.,  6/16/11

"Everything looks amazing. I am so happy with the landscaping and am going to use this area all the time. The guys were awesome, as they always are, and I can't believe how well it turned out. I love everything. You guys are amazing!"


Jerry S., 8/18/11

"Thank you for making our yard the best looking yard in the neighborhood. It is so nice to always have such a good looking yard and not have to do anything to make it look that way."


James B., HOA Property Manager, 9/15/11

"Joe, signed contract attached. I'm fine with the adjustment for this year. Thanks for all you have done for us over the years. We feel fortunate to get your services year after year."


Rachelle H., 7/16/12

"Thank you to Joe and Keith for a job well done!  My grass has never been greener only a few days after you applied the fertilizer."

 Proud Member

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